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We have the experience in large projects dealing with 50,000 pages of documents within half a year, and strong project management capabilities to create value for customers and allow customers to win the market.
WONDERFUL - is anxious for what customers are anxious for, think what customers think, everything is to create value for customers
Native translators, having more than 10 years of experience, and after years of tempering, can ensure smooth and beautiful language.
Translate and review your documents by industry experts in your field. The division of labor is fine and professional.
We have the experience in large projects dealing with 50,000 pages of documents within half a year, and strong project management capabilities to create value for customers.
We can handle files in various formats, such as DOC, PPT, PDF, INDD, DWG, etc.
Our expert team includes document translation, multimedia translation, website translation, software translation, desktop publishing, dubbing, subtitles, etc.
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The number of words translated has exceeded 100 million since 2003
The translation of more than 50 books of national and international standards for the Internet of Vehicles has been successfully completed

Since 2017, our company has successively undertaken the translation business of standard books for the Internet of Vehicles industry by an automobile company. For high-tech and advanced fields, our company carefully organized project teams for customers, subdivided tasks and processes, established a talent pool and a term database, completed customer trust with quality and quantity.

CKD product manuals and website localization translation took half a year to complete

At the end of 2005, the CKD translation project was officially launched. Due to the APPLE machine processing, plus large content and big capacity, the translation and layout processing teams take turns to work overtime, from translation, proofreading, review, typesetting, printing, correction, publishing, binding, and disk writing, it was successfully completed in half a year.

Architectural design translation project, more than 10 million words in total completed

After an architectural design company found us, the cycle was short and the tasks were heavy. Our company carefully arranged, after several runs-in, we were finally selected as a long-term translation supplier. Be able to treat the customer's business as its own company's business, and considered the customer as family members, it must be WONDERFUL Translation.

An automotive sector bidding document project, nearly 500,000 words were translated within a golden week

Although there has been cooperation before, the business volume suddenly broke out during the Golden Week. The colleagues were at a loss. But from the moment they promised to take over, everyone in the company gave up their rest and went all out, and finally handed in the translation on time. The client successfully won the bid and was extremely satisfied with WONDERFUL Translation.

9000 pages of agricultural machinery project translation

Since it was a leading multinational agricultural machinery company, it required high standards, and there were too much attention and detailed points. After tried several translation companies, the customer was not satisfied. Through contacting WONDERFUL, the translation task of 9000 pages of agricultural machinery project was finally handed over to WONDERFUL. We lived up to expectations and successfully completed.

Wind power translation project, nearly 10,000 pages

As a large-scale wind power project introduced in China, the translation tasks involved are extremely difficult. The leader from client has repeatedly emphasized the translation progress and professionalism. When the documents are returned one by one, the leader from client praised our work and gave a thumbs up to WONDERFUL.

Rail transit translation project, nearly 5 million words

WONDERFUL TRANSLATION is serious, hard work, and never wastes more words. As long as the clients talk about the requirements, WONDERFUL has never said useless words. The translation format returned is neat, the terminology is authentic, and the language is fluent. We never missed our clients' arrangements. Let the client be very relieved and worry-free.

Translation task of testing instrument introduction project

The testing instrument project is highly professional, involves many terms, and is interdisciplinary. Post-translation layout processing is also a tricky task. However, our company is fully equipped with rich experience people and the client’s project has never been delayed.

WONDERFUL maximizes the interests of customers with the best service and super preferential prices